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Wakefield Pet Care was established in late 2012 by animal enthusiast Mark Byrne, as a dog owner for many years Mark found it increasingly difficult to go to work leaving his dogs at home alone with nothing to break up their day. No fun or excitement and lack of exercise through the day often led to disruptive and destructive behaviours!. Other owners must have been going through the same thought processes and the very same problem behaviours, so putting his qualifications to good use Wakefield Pet Care was created in order to take the pressure from the owners and allow them to go about their daily jobs without worrying what their much loved pets were getting upto.


With a range of services to suit all owners and species of animals commonly kept as pets, everything from the smallest of rodents to the largest of pets such as horses Wakefield Pet Care aims to tailor each service down to the individual needs of that animals and their owners.


Mark has an extensive knowledge and experience with various species of animals and ensures that each member of staff joining the team upholds his very own high standards of care.

Our Services

Dog Walking

Wakefield Pet Care believes that both mental and physical stimulation is an important part of your dog’s daily routine. However unfortunately sometimes life becomes busy with work or other commitments and those daily walks are sometimes skipped.


Allow the Wakefield Pet Care team to take some of the pressure off and break your dogs day up a little with a chance to explore, learn and play whilst you are at work.


Wakefield Pet Care has the following Dog Walking options.

Solo Walk - 1 Hour - £15

Solo Walk - 30 Minutes - £10

Group Walks - 1 Hour - £10

Dogs from additional Household - £5

Home Visits

Home visits are suitable for all other pets that do not require walking, such as:

  • Cats
  • Rabbits 
  • Other Small Animals
  • Exotics & Reptiles
  • Older Dogs
  • Puppies
  • Postoperative Dogs

Each visit last 30 minutes and cost £7 per visit.


As of April 2016 it is now a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped.


The team at Wakefield Pet Care are fully trained, qualified and insured to be able to offering a mobile microchipping service. This simple procedure can be done in your own home taking away the stress of having to book vet appointments, travel to the vets, wait around in the waiting room.


 Wakefield Pet Care registers all implanted chips on Petlog within 24 hours of being implanted.


£10 Per Microchip.

Learn To Walk

Provided through out dog training sector PayTheDog - Canine Behaviour and Training this one to one training session concentrates of getting dogs to focus on walks and to walk on a loose lead. During the course of an this 1 (one) hour training session your dog will begin to understand the foundations of loose lead walking using positive methods of training. After the training session you will receive a full write up so that you the owner can continue to build on this making future walks a lot happier and less stressful.

1 Hour  - £30

Our Team


Mark Byrne

Head Behaviourist | Owner

Mark has been working with and training dogs from a young age, having gone on to recieve a number of animal related qualifications and gaining experienced and knowledge with caring for a number of different species.


  • FdSc Canine Behaviour and Training
  • Canine First Aid
  • Microchip Implanter (Dogs Trust)
  • National Diploma Animal Management
  • First Diploma Animal Care
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Areas Covered:

Ackworth, Altofts, East Ardsley, Lofthouse, Lupset, Normanton, Notton, Ossett, Outwood, Pontefract, Sharlston, Stanley, Wakefield and Walton.

Please do contact us to find out if we also cover your area.

Opening Times: 

Monday - Friday  8am - 6pm

Sat - Sun Appointment Only


Contact Information:

Phone: 07904776882

Email: Info@wakefieldpetcare.co.uk


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